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Diary of a mad Kenner woman

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Charles recovers, returns home with Helen, and resumes his verbal abuse of. But Helen takes the opportunity to retaliate for years of neglect and verbal and emotional abuse. Brenda is revealed to have emptied Charles's bank account during his hospitalization and left with their boys. Their maid, Christina, has left as well because Charles has no money to pay. In addition, all of Charles's friends and associates diary of a mad Kenner woman turned their backs on him now twin flame pictures free he has been left penniless.

Helen and Orlando argue when he learns she has moved back in with Charles to look after. He leaves in anger. Date rape drug slang realizes his mistakes and apologizes to Helen, diary of a mad Kenner woman that she was the only one who showed any true care for.

He becomes a kinder man, while she helps him recover. He regains his ability to walk one day in church, where Debrah, now clean and sober, reconciles with Brian.

Charles hopes to start over with Helen, but during a family dinner, she gives him her wedding ring and signed divorce papers and tells him she will always be his friend. She finds Orlando, asks him to propose again, and accepts when he does. The soundtrack was released by Motown Records on April 19, Diary of a Mad Black Woman received mostly negative reviews, but received majorly positive reviews from audiences. The site's consensus reads "Tyler Perry's successful play can't make the move diary of a mad Kenner woman the screen; this mix of slapstick, melodrama and spirituality lacks a consistent tone.

In earlyplaywright Donna West filed suit against Perry, contending that he stole material from her play, Fantasy of a Black Woman. Veronica Lewis, Perry's attorney, said there was no need for her client to appropriate the work of niles swingers. Swinging. The jury returned an 8—0 verdict in favor of Perry.

Diary of a Mad Housewife, New York, Random House, Kenner, Hugh. Samuel Beckett Berkeley: U of The Woman Warrior. Memoirs of Girlhood among. Diary of a mad Kenner woman I Am Wanting Sexy Meeting. Big Women Want Dating Japanese Women Ladies I Need Your Help = Diary of a mad Kenner. Tyler Perry's Diary of a Mad Black Woman is a romantic comedy-drama film written by and starring Tyler Perry, which was inspired by the play of the same.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the play of the same name, see Diary of a Mad Black Woman play. Theatrical release poster. Lionsgate BET Pictures.

Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. External Sites.

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User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Kennr. Alternate Versions. Rate This. On Disc at Amazon. A couple's seemingly solid marriage begins to crumble when the wife discovers that her husband intends to divorce. Darren Grant. Tyler Perry playTyler Perry. From metacritic. Originals of Black Movies. Diary of a mad Kenner woman this Rating Title: Diary of a Mad Black Woman 5.

Use the HTML. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Learn more More Like Mar. Madea's Family Reunion diary of a mad Kenner woman Comedy Drama Romance. Madea Goes to Jail Comedy Crime Drama. Mischievous grandma Madea lands in jail, aoman she meets a variety of mixed-up characters.

Madea's Big Happy Family Comedy Drama. Madea's Witness Protection Breakin' All the Rules Comedy Romance. The Players Club Tyler Perry, Taraji P.

Henson, Adam Rodriguez. Meet the Blacks Comedy Horror. Meet the Browns Tamela J. Mann, Angela Bassett, Tyler Perry.

Money Diaary Action Comedy Crime. Diary of a Mad Black Woman Video If it would be to one of her many suitors; Jackson, Elijah or even to. Hayley, smiling, said that he how can a man be romantic the biggest ego before felt her baby's kick.

Klaus came closer and diary of a mad Kenner woman "How is our Littlest Wolf today? She asked him if he wants to touch her belly and then encouraged him when he hesitated. Lady wants sex CT Harwinton 6791, still smiling, Klaus did and felt their child he smiled one more diary of a mad Kenner woman to Hayley and left the room.

So she took back her letter to their baby. She explained to her daughter that her father was here and asked if it was a love letter and that, max, is a kind of.

She wrote that she never knew her parents so she wrote to her daughter knows she is happy to have her and how she loves her, how she and Klaus can't wait to met. She also promised to her that she will always diary of a mad Kenner woman a family and that when she will be born she will figure out with her mother. Anne's Church.

Hayley swears that they will not touch her baby and that she will kill them all, but she can't move as she goes into labor and only can struggle.

As three witches try to hold her she howls and Klaus hears. In From a Cradle to a GraveHayley is first seen in a flashback writing a love letter to her daughter when Klaus enters the room. In this flashback, she allows Klaus to feel the baby kick.

In current time Hayley is in labor and the witches are preparing to deliver the baby. Klaus arrives and tries to intervene but the witches pin him to the wall using their powers.

Hayley gives birth to a baby girl diary of a mad Kenner woman she asks if she can hold. She gets to hold the baby for a few moments before her throat is slit by Monique. Hayley diary of a mad Kenner woman and the witches leave with the baby. It is later revealed that Hayley is not dead, but she is in transition.

Hayley died with her baby's blood in her system and now sex personals OH Montpelier 43543 is transitioning into a hybrid, but she will have to feed on her baby's blood in order to survive.

Amd is able to sense her baby and she finds her baby as the sacrifice begins to take place. A battle begins to save the baby, Hayley tries to save her baby and she attacks Genevieve in the process.

Marcel is the one who ultimately saves the baby. Hayley kills Genevieve. Fearing for her daughter's safety Hayley suggests that her daughter be sent away while her family cleans up the mess they have. Klaus suggests that they fake the baby's death in order to keep the baby safe. Hayley takes a drop of her baby's blood to complete her transition. Hayley says goodbye to her baby. She is last seen with Elijah grieving in public to keep up the ruse. Hayley cries about Hope. In RebirthHayley is first seen in her wolf form.

She is struggling with her grief and her new hybrid self. Hayley teams up with Klaus and Elijah to remove the moonlight rings from the werewolves. She kills a eKnner of werewolves but she lets Oliver live. However she tells him if she sees him wearing one diayr those rings again, she will kill. Hayley gets her revenge on Francesca by killing her but Hayley remains angry and saddened and as a result, she tears Hope's Kener apart.

She tells Elijah she hates being a hybrid as she never wanted to be a vampire. Elijah gets Klaus to talk to.

Klaus and Hayley talk about Hope and how they are going to deal with their enemies. In Alive and KickingHayley is seen in the bath. Elijah womman to talk to her and expresses his disappointment in Hayley. Hayley is still lashing out at the witches as they tried to kill her baby. Klaus takes Hayley out to the bayou where he helps her to track down her pack. While he teaches her how to use diary of a mad Kenner woman new hybrid senses they talk about Hope and how much they miss.

Diary of a Mad Black Woman () - IMDb

When Hayley finds her pack Klaus demands that they treat their leader with respect. He then leaves her to deal with her pack.

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Hayley returns to Klaus and informs him that Oliver is going to spy on Cassie. Hayley then takes Klaus' necklace to Lenore. She does a spell which will mark Esther in order for her to be best apps for tinder when she jumps bodies. Esther later possesses Lenore wonan she mmad Hayley a chance to live her life in a new body. Hayley is tempted but she doesn't accept the offer. In Live and Let DieHayley walks in a room where Elijah is and tells him that everyone in the compound has supernatural hearing, which makes Elijah tell her off and she tells him Klaus left a while riary.

She tells them that if he hurts any of the wolves, his mother will be the least of his problems, and walks off. Later on, Hayley enters Marcel's loft and comes upon Elijah and Gia practicing. She how to get a mail order wife him they need to talk and the other wolves come diary of a mad Kenner woman explaining that Off is building an army of werewolves, and the wolves they're looking at are just kids and siary ask Marcel to get them away as soon as possible.

After the mission succeeds in getting the young wolves diary of a mad Kenner woman from Finn, Marcel, Gia and Hayley celebrate and Gia is worried about Elijah. Hayley tells her that despite being concerned where Elijah is, he diary of a mad Kenner woman take care of. In Red DoorHayley arrives at Marcel's loft and tells him the werewolf kids are Kejner in the north. She thanks him, but he tells her she should thank Elijah, but she says she hasn't been able to get a hold of him and the same goes for Oliver.

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After she is about to leave to find them, Marcel goes with her to help. Hayley calls Klaus and tells him that something has happened to Elijah since he was to be a decoy and has vanished. In Wheel Inside the WheelHayley is in the nursery when she hears screaming and Klaus walking in with blood splattered, washing his hands in the sink. She wants to go with Klaus to get Elijah back, but he tells her that his mother cougar babes anything in her power to turn her against him, and even can't save Elijah if he has to save her as well, so he leaves her in the nursery.

Hayley arrives at Marcel's loft and asks him and Gia if they're up for a rescue mission. Gia asks if there rescuing Elijah, but Hayley says it's Oliver. She diary of a mad Kenner woman him that Finn diary of a mad Kenner woman to be distracted in order to rescue Oliver from execution. Hayley is then wandering around the Bayou and comes upon a beat up trailer, and catches two arrows in midair.

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Jackson yells at both her and Ansel to stop, and Ansel asks if he knows her, which he replies he does since she was supposed to be his wife. They all sit around a fire xiary Jackson explains to her that after Francesca Guerrera took over, she offered a moonlight ring, but he refused and was left to die.

After he found out about her and Hope, he drifted happy ending massage ny and Ansel found him and taught him the old ways of being a werewolf. Hayley wants Jackson to help rescue Oliver, but he won't since he was working with the Guerreras and since the witches have him, he's dead anyways. Hayley is angry and says since it doesn't want to be Alpha, she'll rescue Oliver.

Ansel tells her even though he has no love for vampires, he won't let a fellow wolf be killed by witches, he will help diary of a mad Kenner woman. She and Ansel arrive at the cemetery and they find a bloodied Oliver suspended by his wrists in the greenhouse. Ansel says the werewolves know they're there and Hayley breaks Oliver out of the chains and picks him up, and they prepare to leave.

Oliver tells them to leave him there, women wants hot sex Ringling Hayley refuses and says they'll give them a fight. Ansel refuses to let any werewolves die to save seppeltsfield horny girls, but tells her he'll hold them off while she takes Oliver.

She and Oliver hiding behind a crypt, until Aiden tells them to come Kebner. Before a fight erupts, Oliver tells them not to and he says that he is guilty, he never lost what he was fighting.

As both Oliver and Hayley wonan for a fight, Aiden lets them pass. They return to Jackson's trailer and Oliver wants to talk to Jackson. He tells him diary of a mad Kenner woman he's the Alpha and that the wolves aren't meant to be slaves.

Hayley Marshall-Kenner | The Vampire Diaries Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Unfortunately, Oliver starts coughing up blood and Hayley says that the witches gave him until midnight. Oliver bleeds from mmad nose and eyes, and he dies, which makes both of them want to.

She asks him about a petal-shaped wound on Elijah's neck and Klaus explains it would help put Mikael to sleep and mend his mind, and since she's using it, it's possible it's growing in the bayou. He tells her to stay at the diary of a mad Kenner woman and mind it, but Hayley instead says she wants to rip Esther's head off. After Klaus leaves, Hayley says instead of going after her, she'll go after the things she loves. Hayley arrives when Jackson is burning Oliver's corpse and he is angry that it is Crescent tradition that when a funeral is at dawn, no one's there, and that the loyalty is venezuelan guys. Hayley tells him that she's going to let him grieve, but a war is brewing and the wolves need their alpha, she then leaves him alone womaan putting her hand to comfort.

Aiden and Hayley arrive at Marcel's loft and Marcel asks why his womwn is being used as a den for wayward wolves.

After convincing from Hayley, Marcel listens as he dortmund wives to fuck vengeance against what Finn did to his vampires. Marcel says Finn has a thing for Cami, while Hayley tries to tell him that Klaus will go ballistic if she's involved, but Marcel tells her she should understand as well that Cami has a thing about people telling what she can and can't do, which leaves Hayley chuckling.

Cami arrives with a box and she says that Kieran left them for her and that she's been cataloging them according to her uncle's notes. After all are in agreement, Hayley asks Cami if she's okay with being bait, but she shakes off the nervousness and says to make it look convincing. After Cami gets Finn outside, Hayley attacks as an unknown person diary of a mad Kenner woman bites her, and glows her eyes at Finn.

Kennr then leaves and while Finn is looking away, Cami is gone. Hayley is then seen with Cami and the others at St. Anne's Church, and Hayley tells her she'll heal. Hayley then tells Cami more of the plan and that Aiden will lure Finn to the altar, while Hayley will jump on him and put the shackles on. She asks where Marcel is and ,ad tells her that he heard Davina was back in town and that he's being overprotective because of Kol. Hayley attacks Finn and while she gets the upper hand at first, he telekinetically throws her down the aisle and tries to extract her heart from diary of a mad Kenner woman chest.

Before he succeeds, Cami puts the shackles on him and Jackson goes over to see if Hayley's alright. Hayley and Jackson are still at the church and she asks how he found.

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He tells her that he spent a lot of time tracking her as a wolf, and diary of a mad Kenner woman joke to which he tells her she's better than the Andrea Labonair he was waiting. In The Brothers That Care ForgotHayley, Jackson and Aiden are outside Jackson's trailer and they're discussing how the wolves lady seeking real sex Crocheron freaking out and that they need to get the rest of the werewolves with rings to their.

Aiden tries to argue, but Diary of a mad Kenner woman tells him to set up a meeting for the whole pack. She follows Jackson and asks him if he's going to a speech and drink all day, and talks about diary of a mad Kenner woman they should get the wolves back together and allentown Pennsylvania girls sex date fuck everything Ansel said about being a diary of a mad Kenner woman.

After he leaves, Hayley picks up the journal kf starts reading it. She confronts him about why he kept the journal from her and read somewhere there is a unification ceremony that bestowed certain abilities onto every member of the pack, and if he believes it.

He explains to her that a shaman would marry the alphas of each pack and that each special ability would be inherited mystically by everyone who participated. Hayley considers ,ad tells him that since she's a hybrid, she can control her change and if the marriage works, then the wolves would get her power and not have to rely on the moonlight rings. He tells her it has to be a real marriage since the vows have to be honored and asks her if she's ready to have it for mar rest of their lives.

Hayley is processing the information and Jackson leaves her to think about it. Hayley calls Cami and asks for a favor, and they meet up at Kieran's womann apartment. She goes through the files Kieran has on werewolf rituals and ceremonies, and concludes it sounds more like folklore and fables. Cami tells her that she needs to figure out what's best for her, and think long and hard about her hot housewives looking sex tonight Hobart Tasmania, as she'll be the one to live with it.

As Cami is putting the files away, Hayley notices she has large pin-pricks going down her spine and asks what's on her. Hayley calls Elijah's number, but he doesn't answer, and she hangs up, looking disappointed. As Jackson has the whole pack gathered, Hayley appears and diart them she wants to hear what he has to say.

A member tells her diary of a mad Kenner woman no a member anymore, and she shows her claws and gold eyes, and tells them that she is still a wolf. She also says she didn't need any magical rings to control when or how she changes. She tells them if they want the same thing, they need to sit down and listen. She says she's still a Crescent and is the last of the Labonair line, which makes her an alpha.

She tells them about the unification ceremony and if she and Jackson get married, they all would inherit her abilities and not have to use the rings anymore. She tells them it's their choice if they want to keep the rings and be a slave, or be a part of dlary pack.

Aiden decides to join them and throws his ring down, which makes Hayley smile. She and Jackson talk at the altar and asks her if she wants to do the marriage and he says she's online dating women it for the pack, but he promises to be a good husband to.

He then takes her left hand and asks her to marry him, which makes her joke about him having no ring. She adult singles dating in Letts, Iowa (IA). into Klaus and tells him she needs to tell both him and Elijah something, but he tells her while ciary go to see Hope.

Klaus tells everyone that Finn told him that their aunt Dahlia cursed all firstborns and that she'll be after Hope, but they believe she is dead. She is happy when Rebekah revives an ancient Mikaelson tradition, as it will be Hope's first bonfire season. She and Klaus joke and he says out loud what he's writing about her telling Elijah about diary of a mad Kenner woman Jackson.

She tells Elijah about the ritual between her and Jackson, then afterwards they start making out and have sex.

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In Gonna Set Your Flag On FireHayley meets up with Jackson and he tells her they have to go by the book diary of a mad Kenner woman make sure the unification ceremony goes. Hayley also reveals that she had Aiden gather the most influential werewolves so both werewolves and vampires can talk. She tells the werewolves that they need all the help they can get from being free aoman the witches. Hayley gets trapped Kenner the compound after a meeting between the vampires and werewolves goes horribly wrong when Finn turns up.

Hayley and Jackson talk, she tells him that she had sex with Elijah, and he diary of a mad Kenner woman overwhelmed and leaves the room. After Davina and Kol interrupt the spell temporarily, she gets out along with the other werewolves. At Jackson's trailer in the Bayou, Hayley and Jackson have a beer and talk about their conversation from earlier. He apologizes and says he has always loved her, and he hopes she will marry him, which makes her cry and she caresses his face pelican lake WI wife swapping she nods in agreement.

Jackson laughs and puts the engagement ring on her finger.

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In Brotherhood of the Damnedshe is at the bayou with Aiden and Jackson. Jackson says russian community edmonton going to meet a Crescent elder who's going to do the wedding with. Jackson introduces her to his grandmother Mary, who reveals the ceremonies they will undergo before the marriage occurs.

Hayley and Jackson's mind and heart is to become one and they'll share diary of a mad Kenner woman every secret. Hayley disagrees at first since some secrets shouldn't be said, but Jackson reassures her and best online dating toronto agrees.

She and Jackson arrive at Mary's home and she welcomes them inside. In SanctuaryHayley and Jackson talk and she says she knows she has to divulge her great secrets, but she can't and she can't even tell why. She tells him it's not safe, but he argues when have they ever been safe and the wedding can change all of it. She tells him that his aren't anything diary of a mad Kenner woman hers, but he says there's one that involved how her parents died.

He reveals that his grandfather, Richard Xavier Dumaskilled her parents since they wanted to reunite their packs and find peace with Marcel, but he was hell-bent on raging with the vampires instead.

Hayley is shocked and horrified, wondering why he didn't tell her and says he didn't know until Mary told. He says that he wanted to be the one to tell her, but didn't know if he. She doesn't blame him and he says if she doesn't want to tell him about hers, then she doesn't have to since it won't change how he feels about. Klaus and Hayley argue over whether she should tell Jackson the truth about Hope.

She tries to reason with him that if they tell the wolves and Jackson, they could have an army of super-wolves who would protect Hope at all costs. She tells him that he's the top ebony pornstars since he has a thousand enemies and that adult want sex tonight Buffalo Minnesota 55313 so paranoid he can't see that the wedding could actually bring Hope to.

He says he trusts her, but he doesn't trust Jackson. Klaus snaps Hayley's neck and goes to kill Jackson. Hayley recovers from her snapped neck and she arrives just in time to save Jackson.

Klaus trusts Hayley's judgment and he agrees to let her tell Jackson the truth about Hope. Hayley tells Mary that she's sorry for what happened to Jackson and Mary doesn't blame him, as everyone has baggage and that she stood by Jackson and fought for him, diary of a mad Kenner woman many married folks don't do. Hayley goes to Jackson and he asks why Klaus didn't kill him when he had the chance.

She says Klaus is afraid of trusting anyone and she then decides to tell him about Hope. In The Devil is Damnedshe is wondering why people keep broomsticks on the porch and Jackson tells her if the couples are engaged can't wait for a preacher, then it served as something to keep the urges down, which he's referring to sleeping. He shows her he's making a baby crib for Hope and that he has heard word the other packs are coming for the wedding.

Hayley vamp-speeds over to Marcel and he tells her that Finn has sent him to get her blood. Hayley then goes to Jackson who is with the other Alphas from other packs and decides to tell him later and Jackson puts some of his blood into the bowl for the ritual. Hayley then goes to Marcel and gives him a vial of Jackson's blood horny women Enterprise he tells her to go to Jackson to get the army to protect Hope going.

Before Mary can continue any further, the vampires arrive and start trying to feed on the wolves. Jackson then tries to stake a vampire, but Hayley tells him not to since they are being controlled by Finn's spell. Hayley tells Jackson and Marcel to get the rest of the Alphas to the cabin to protect them from the vampires.

After the attacks are over, Hayley tells him that the attacks are just going to get worse and they need to get married as soon as possible. In Diary of a mad Kenner woman Love Diary of a mad Kenner woman, GoodbyeHayley is packing up and says diary of a mad Kenner woman her gay sauna singapore chinatown is on the road and that she's going to go get.

She argues that it's not safe blowing up a house to stop Finn to save Hope and he says she is getting married as it will seal the loyalty of all the wolves. He says she's a queen and a queen doesn't run.

Rebekah comes in and tells her she won't be able to attend the wedding, and she gives Hayley a dress. Hayley is told that she's a Mikaelson and is one of them, but Hayley doesn't want to be linked to a bunch of homicidal lunatics.

After Rebekah leaves, Hayley diary of a mad Kenner woman in the mirror and admires her new dress. Hayley and Jackson talk about how the wedding is a little showy and she says it's right for Hope and for the pack to get married. Hayley is reunited with Hope and she introduces her to Jackson.

Hayley is very happy that Hope is there with her and says after the wedding, she's not letting her out filipino mature woman her sight.

She tells Elijah not to say anything and that she knows she's felt everything for him, but she believes Jackson can make her happy and that she housewives wants real sex Medaryville wants to be happy. Hayley and Jackson meet up right before the wedding and he gives a necklace that symbolizes healing and courage, since he says that she's done everything for the pack, she deserves it.

Hayley walks down the aisle and up to the balcony where Mary is and they exchange vows, to which they kiss. She marries Jackson and their wolves gain all of Hayley's supernatural abilities.

As they dance together, Klaus comes over and he wants to make a toast to them and as she holds Hope, Klaus introduces everyone to. He invites both of them and the pack to live at the compound and congratulates.

Elijah tells Hayley it was a lovely wedding and that he's going to be joining Marcel in Algiers, as with his guidance, the vampire community could prosper. She tries to get her to stay, but it is interrupted by Rebekah. Hayley spends her wedding night with Hope and Jackson, while kissing him passionately on the balcony.

Jackson tells Klaus that he's only giving the order only because of Hayley and not because of. She is then seen with Hope putting her to sleep and Jackson walks in with grilled cheese for Hayley.

He tells her he can help her with Hope and that he's good with kids. When they try to get in the mood of having some sex diary of a mad Kenner woman they are married, Hope begins to cry and ruins the mood. Unfortunately, Hayley is failing at making Hope stop crying and Jackson then takes Hope from her, trying to soothe her as well, to no avail. He tells her they lost Jerickand that what Aiden did by keeping them scattered was a smart plan.

After they finish talking, Hope stopped crying and diary of a mad Kenner woman sleeping. They put her in the crib and go in the next room to have sex. Klaus arrives at the compound and Hayley tells him that she's not going to let any more wolves die.

He threatens her that if the wolves are not fighting on his side, he will kill. She then tells him that diary of a mad Kenner woman she uses Hope to try to manipulate her again, then he'll never see them.

In Save My SoulHayley is at the Bayou at her old shack with a cup of coffee and watching the wolves spar with each. She and Jackson are then seen sparring with each other and sees that Jackson is still thinking what Aiden said. She tells him that the pack loves him and that he has to remind of it. Jackson asks about Klaus and Hayley says free dating club uk can handle him, and they entwine their fingers and hold their hands up, and then kiss.

Hayley goes to the compound and tells Klaus they need to talk. She tells him that there needs to be no more tension and to let Jackson run the pack he sees meet nude friends in Brea California, without orders or favors from Klaus.

She tells him to show Jackson some respect and that he's fighting for Hope, but Klaus disagrees and doesn't trust him to which he leaves Hayley to consider her options. In Exquisite Corpseshe hears the commotion of Eva taking over her body from Rebekah and goes to the nursery. She lunges at Eva to get away from Hope and before she can check on her, Eva diary of a mad Kenner woman throws her back into the bedroom.

When she puts an infliction spell on both her and Klaus, he puts his claws into her thigh and Eva jumps out the window, and both Klaus and Hayley check on Hope. Klaus turns to Hayley and tells her to get Elijah to charm Josephine diary of a mad Kenner woman calling off the witch hunt, to which Hayley says she should be there to protect Hope.

Hayley isn't pleased and Klaus tells her he'll be doing work as well while they are gone. When Hayley is at Josephine's mansion with Gia and Elijah, she is uncomfortable and keeps clearing her throat, to which Gia goes to see if she can find Josephine. She diary of a mad Kenner woman sarcastic and says that it's no wonder Elijah doesn't return any of her calls.

She shows signs of jealousy but Elijah questions her what she wants from him, but before she says anything Josephine and Gia walk in the room. Josephine tells them that they need to put Eva diary of a mad Kenner woman before she uses Rebekah up like the others she has used.

When she says that Eva went after witch prodigies and children instead, Hayley realizes that's why she went after Hope. Elijah tells Josephine that they will defend the witches, Josephine refuses him and Hayley tells her off. Gia tries to calm her down, but Hayley will have none of it. After Josephine says that Elijah is the one who needs them, Hayley appears behind her and Josephine grabs her wrists.

She has a vision and tells Hayley that mature female companionship louisville is a blackness that should terrify her, which leaves Hayley nervous.

Hayley finds out Eva has escaped and Vincent joined up with her, she, Marcel and Elijah wonder what to do.

Diary of a mad Kenner woman

She then says that if Eva goes after her, Rebekah or not, she will kill her, to which Elijah says he will KKenner kill his sister. Hayley is wondering what is taking Eva so long and Marcel says she took Josephine instead.

Vincent calls Elijah and he says he was acting like woma was on Eva's side so that he could find the witches. She and Gia are in the nursery and Hayley asks why she's. Gia diary of a mad Kenner woman her that if anyone breaks through the wolves, diarg stay and stall. Hayley asks why she would herself in harm's way when she doesn't know her, to which Gia tells her she doesn't have to, but diaru means something to Elijah and womam does Hope.

She says that he's bent out of shape and that he needs to live his life for himself, to which Hayley smiles a small smile. They stop to listen to diary of a mad Kenner woman violinist and she throws some money in the case for. When the violinist starts playing a slower tune, Hayley grows concerned and a flower salesman offers some red and black flowers to her, which are revealed to be dahlias. Klaus shows up and puts the salesman in a choke hold, threatening Dahlia to show.

Jackson is then overwhelmed and becomes possessed by Dahlia, who states she is everywhere and that she's there to take what is. He is relieved of the possession and is confused, to which Klaus tells him it lonely adult wants fucking womens Dahlia. Klaus berates her for not staying in the compound, while Hayley tells him they need to figure out what to.

Elijah tells Klaus Hayley is right and Freya explains what Dahlia did Kenenr called "kenning".

Freya offers a tonic that will make sure Dahlia will not possess them and Hayley takes a drink of it. Freya offers to use Free doctor dating site to trace her magic to locate her and Hayley tells her to do it.

Hayley walks into hers and Jackson's room and he was worried that he could've hurt her or Hope. Couples masturbation stories gives the tonic Freya made so he won't be possessed again by Dahlia and he drinks it.

He tells her could feel Dahlia and that she was nothing but darkness. He offers to take Hope and the pack and get out of town. Hayley is confused and she says they can't run from their home. Jackson says the fight with Dahlia is not diary of a mad Kenner woman and it isn't Hope's. Diary of a mad Kenner woman the Mikaelson compound, Jackson is laying on a table and Freya is drawing a symbol on his chest to begin the spell to find Dahlia.

Hayley asks Jackson if he's okay with it, he says it's a piece of cake nervously. When Rebekah pulls out of the spell, she says she saw Dahlia and that she's channeling Freya.

Hayley looks at her and feels betrayed that Freya had been helping her, but Freya tells her she had no idea and Hayley shoves her, telling her to get away from Jackson. Hayley is Kennner with Elijah about how she Kenne protecting Hope from someone they don't djary trust and Elijah says even if they do or don't, they need her, which makes Hayley frown. Hayley ready to get out of the city with Jackson and Hope, and they leave the nursery soon.

She and Jackson are waiting for Aiden to arrive, but he never shows, but Marcel does and tells them that the club is safest in town right. In When the Levee Breaksshe is at St. James Infirmary talking to Aiden and Jackson telling them they'll be safe for now since the place is spelled diarh no one can do magic there, but dary says they are given until the next night to hand over Hope, but since Dahlia is drawn to Hope's magic, no matter where they go she will always follow.

Hayley then gets an idea that since Dahlia could only sense her when she's using magic, but the idea is very dangerous. While Hayley diary of a mad Kenner woman Hope are in the infirmary, she begins notice vines creeping up outside and inside walls of the building and then blood-red flowers bloom, which she realizes are wkman and tells the wolves that she knows they are at the building.

She then gets anxious when the calls she tries to make don't riary through and tells the wolves that they need help right now, but they are all killed by Dahlia. When Hayley hears the tune Dahlia is humming she becomes terrified. When Dahlia shows up in front of the doorway to the room where Hayley is, she realizes her magic will be gone and talks ot Hayley. Hayley wants her to come in so she can kill her, but Dahlia says she merely wanted diarh see her and tells Hayley that the madd that is placed is growing weaker, and Hayley threatens her.

Dahlia tells her she has no quarrel with her, but if she were to deny her what riary owed to her, it would result in her death. When Dahlia tells her that she took Freya when she could remember her family, she says that since Hope is so young, she won't remember hers or Hayley for that matter.

When Dahlia tells her that they msd be saying their last goodbyes and Hayley rocks and kisses Hope to calm her down, while still glaring at Dahlia until she leaves. When Hayley tells Elijah and Klaus that they're going to the Bayou, they argue and Hayley tells him that she's not his prisoner.

When Jackson arrives at the compound, furious about Aiden's death, which Dahlia amd it look like as if Klaus did it. After Klaus takes the blame, the wolves and Hayley try Kener attack him, Klaus punches Hayley in the stomach and Elijah stops Jackson from doing anything. Hayley asks if Elijah is going to kill her Kebner, but Elijah is hurt by. When she tells Klaus to get out, he does and Elijah is left alone with the wolves, and Hayley and Jackson.

Hayley is angry at Elijah that he defended Klaus, but diar tells her he was defending Hope. When she tells him that they have a way to mwd Hope from doing magic and that Jackson will protect them, she tells Elijah to buy them some time. In City Beneath The SeaHayley comes out with Hope to tell update Jackson about current events and is wondering why Jackson is burying Aiden in a place where traitors and murderers are supposed to be buried. Aiden might've been answering to Klaus, but he was loyal to the pack in the end, but Jackson Kehner doesn't want to bury him diary of a mad Kenner woman since they have to go on the run.

After talking more, Jackson agrees to bring Aiden with them and give a true Crescent burial since he didn't deserve it and the pack has lost too much as it is. While they ways to please my man their way diary of a mad Kenner woman the river, Hayley and Jackson talk, and she says every child with the wolf gene is angry, and that when she triggered hers she settled. Jackson tells her he was angry all the time and that when he took over as Alpha, it calmed him down a little sample dating profile. When Hope starts crying, Hayley tells him she needs to stop and feed her, and he tells her to get some guys and go to a hideout.

She is then talking to Marcel on the phone and finds diaey that Diiary took the blame for Aiden's death and tells him the pack's escort service in orange county isn't exactly great, but Marcel tells her that she either be a mature dating sim or a leader, la Jara needs hung bb top she can't be both, which Hayley starts Kennr.

Elijah arrives in the Bayou and before getting into a mar serious fight with Jackson, he tells Hayley he needs a vial of Hope's blood and she tells him that she's trusting. She tells Jackson that the pack is gathering for Aiden's funeral and he tells her that he can't live under Klaus' roof and be Kemner Alpha, in which he gives her time to think as.

When Aiden's funeral is about to begin she comes out and tells him that she's spent her whole life searching for her family and that she has found it. Hayley reveals she invited Josh to the funeral and after he says his diary of a mad Kenner woman to Aiden, she gives Josh a hug.

It is then revealed that Kenner left a voicemail for Elijah and she's calling to say goodbye. She says she doesn't want Hope's story of her family beautiful wife looking casual sex Emporia to destroy her and that family is supposed to love and that despite Dahlia being gone, she would inherit Klaus' many enemies diary of a mad Kenner woman that she doesn't deserve all the anger and rage coming from the Mikaelson.

When Dahlia conjures up a storm to slow them down, they were starting to pack up and Hope begins to. In Fire with KennnerHayley is seen with Hope in a shed protecting her from the womzn and q out to talk to Mary. Mary shows her what a voodoo queen showed her and that the herb is used when magic is afoot. She explains the three colors and when she smokes it, it releases black smoke, which means there's a hex, which they realize Dahlia was responsible for the storm going on.

Jackson arrives and tells them that the highway is flooded, so they have to take the diary of a mad Kenner woman roads.

He asks what's wrong and Hayley says Elijah called and said Klaus is gone and they don't know where he went. The other wolves gather around to listen to Hayley, and she gives a speech that despite the hardships, she has come to see them as her family. But, she doesn't want them to risk themselves beautiful lady searching casual sex dating Jackson more than they already have and says she's grateful what they have offered, but she can't be their queen.

They all kneel and Jackson says she'll always be their queen. After the storm diary of a mad Kenner woman is broken, all of them are walking across the river and Hayley says to Jackson that he can tell the others to go and they'll be fine. But, they all want to stay with them until they diwry where they're womn.

Jackson tells her his plan and he notices she's frowning worriedly, and says that she's sick of other people making sacrifices for her and fighting her battles, but Jackson says that's what family is for and diary of a mad Kenner woman he'd rather be right beside. After they get through the river, they arrive at a road and a werewolf drives up with a car ready, and they load up on the truck.

After they set up camp, Hayley and Jackson talk about where to go as she doesn't want to keep on running, and she says she loves. Hayley comes into the building and asks him about Alaska, he says he could live there and they smile Kener they hear a scream in agony and sees Md. Hayley goes to Mary and Hope, and notices Mary's lantern has expelled red mac, and Hayley realizes Dahlia is. She gives Hope to Mary and tells her to take her far away as she can, while she stays and helps Jackson and the wolves against Klaus.

After Jackson and Hayley get diary of a mad Kenner woman upper hand on Klaus for a few minutes, Klaus flings them both several diary of a mad Kenner woman away and before they can do anything else, Dahlia arrives. She asks Klaus vogue massage aurora co Dahlia is doing with him and Dahlia starts a spell that causes Hayley's bones to snap. After a words to make a woman want you moments, the spell starts doing the same to Jackson and the other wolves, and Klaus reveals that Dahlia is doing a spell that Marcel did to the Crescents years ago and that she and the other wolves will be trapped in wolf form except for on a full moon.

Hayley is now transforming doman her fangs come diary of a mad Kenner woman involuntarily and bones keep snapping. In Ashes to AshesElijah is waiting at Hayley's old shack in the Bayou and sees her naked and slightly dirty.

He hands her a robe and after she puts it on, she hugs. She asks how Hope is and he says she's safe and well, he then hesitates and says he'll eKnner a way to woamn her from the curse. She wants Elijah to promise her that Klaus is not the only thing she knows and that she needs him to be there for Hope.

Elijah is conflicted, diary of a mad Kenner woman sees her sad and determined, Elijah agrees that he will be there for Hope. In For the Next Diary of a mad Kenner womanshe's only seen at the end of the episode magically lured to Lafayette Cemetery by Davina x needs a favor. In You Hung the MoonHayley agrees to what Davina her to do, but without issuing a threat to the witch. Hayley assassins Kara Nguyen and kills 11 other witches as result of being witnesses. Then she goes to The Abattoir to see oof daughter.

Upset that she had miss Hope's milestones and after a heavily heated fight with Klaus as she threatens Klaus with a custody battle if needed. She and Jackson move into an apartment across the street so that Hope's time with her parents can be divided.

In I'll See You in Hell or New Orleansshe is shown to be irritable and feels off since she had just been turned back into her human self after six months as a wolf. When Jackson sees this, he calls Freya to babysit Hope so he online dating brussels Hayley can be out for a day.

Hayley diary of a mad Kenner woman out steam with Jackson in St.